Friday, March 25, 2016

I stumbled across a five-year old essay on Donald Trump.

Some thoughts on Donald Trump...May, 2011

Now that Osama Bin Laden is dead, Donald Trump may be the world’s biggest asshole. Hyperbole? Perhaps. But I hate this guy. I have on many occasions made reference to my demographic insignificance, the fact that things I like are generally not commercially successful, and that the things I don’t like often are. My favorite types of music are jazz and bluegrass. Neither are big money makers. My least favorite music is cheesy R&B power ballads (Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, etc). Hugely successful. So, my white-hot, blinding detestation of Donald Trump may likewise leave me with few cohorts, but I know what I feel, and I really, truly hate this guy.

I have been aware of Donald Trump for many years now, and have hardly given him a second thought. My assessment of him has never been positive or negative per se, rather I have traditionally not had an opinion one way or another. I have always recognized his egotism as pathetic and laughable, and have generally regarded him as a cartoonish embodiment of a stereotypical American business tycoon, an entity that served as a sideshow bit player in the landscape of news and media in America. Donald Trump. Ha ha ha. Rich jerk with stupid hair. Who cares? Perhaps I am relatively alone on this point, but once he presumed to aspire to the presidency, I began to care. I began to hate Donald Trump’s guts.

I have previously referenced my demographic insignificance, but I can’t imagine that I am utterly alone in this. While Doc Watson doesn’t sell a mountain of records, he does sell a few, and likewise, I suspect that there are others who previously didn’t pay a second thought to Donald Trump who now recognize him as a smarmy, vile toad of a man; a boor, a rude, classless lout who chose to punk America in a vainglorious ruse to slake the thirst of his limitless ego without regard to the damage and disruption suffered by the nation that afforded him all of his success.

Then he launched his big lie about running for executive office and hitched his star to the tired out non-issue of Obama’s birth certificate in an attempt to discredit the president as the driving precept of his cardboard replica of a presidential bid. No new ideas, no forward thinking, no opinions on American 21st century challenges, just a cowardly sabotage of his president, all for the sake of a lie. He never intended to run this year, but was completely comfortable lying to me, to you, and to America. This exemplifies the contempt and dismissive attitude with which he regards the average American. We are a joke to him, an ignorant mass, a vast pool of fools that is there to be manipulated. He is a cynic and scoundrel of the highest order who views the American social and economic landscape as his combined playground and toilet.

Every step of the way on his bogus intimation of a presidential run was another opportunity for soothing his pathological need for self-aggrandizement. When Obama finally sighed, rolled his eyes and produced the birth certificate, Trump expressed his feeling of “honor” at having forced this hand. Well guess what? The few people in America left who didn’t already believe Obama to have been born in America at the time of the "big reveal" still don’t. They are the same deluded fools who believe Bin Laden either to be still alive or to have been dead for years. There is a part of the American population who either due to their racism, ignorance or addiction to Fox News prefer to exist in a bubble that deflects any common sense with regard to this president. The number of minds changed because of the presentation of the long form birth certificate is zero. So what was accomplished? Nothing but a further division of the already vast fissure in American society.

Donald Trump is an ineloquent, selfish jerk. He is also a liar and a coward, and knowing that a non-cartoon businessman like Mitt Romney or an informed statesman like Ron Paul would make a meal of him in the primary debates, he floated his phony presidential bid in a disgusting ploy to enhance his branding and to get a few more eyeballs on his excruciatingly unentertaining television show. Then he bailed out before he had to defend his legitimacy. To hell with this guy. I’d urge a boycott of his income properties and his television show, but what good would it do? I am, as I have said before, demographically insignificant.

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